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Senior Prom Party- The Rivers School-Weston


You could not have a more beautiful night for a prom.  If you could imagine the warmth mixed with a subtle breeze in the glory of the newly minted spring, this was that night.  How lucky for these Seniors from the The Rivers School to have such a night for their memories.

These shots were taken at a pre-prom party, in Weston, MA (a western suburb of Boston) and featured friends, family and classmates from The Rivers School.  This age, this lovely age,makes the world shine brighter and hopeful.  They are so incredibly beautiful inside and out.

Their energy was infectious and their own phone camera happily snap away.  My junior associate had her first assistant job!  Way to go Lorraine.  You are so calm.   Together I think we caught some magic in the lush green grass.

By the time the bus arrived to wish them off to Boston for their actual prom, their night was just starting…mine was coming to a close. As I waited watching them load the bus, I sent out a little good vibe..a well wish.  I hope, you sweet and cheerful Seniors, that you go forth in your new adventures with the beautiful glow you all had this night.  Although my role was one of photographer, I guess I cannot always leave inner-mom behind.  I feel proud of you all and wish you the very best!




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