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From the Senior Photographer ..Tips for Getting Great Photos before your Senior Prom

Prom season has begun in the Boston Area and now that the leaves are starting to come out in earnest, everyone will want to get a few outdoor shots before the prom.  I love seeing these on Facebook, but want to give parents some advice to make their daughters (and sons!) photographs look as magical as they do in “real life”.  This is the prize of their Senior year…make it memorable!

Here are a few tips from me…the professional photographer, to get the best shot possible of your Senior prom-goer. You will totally get some great shots!

1.Adjust your camera to the largest pixel setting possible.   If you know how to shoot in camera raw, use it!  If you shoot in jpeg use the following symbol below.












You may also choose the size in point and shoot camera by the number of megapixels.  Choose the largest.

The larger the size, the more room you have to edit your photos to perfection without it look strange.  You will also be able to  print out large versions of them for the grandparents!


2.Use a flash-even in daylight.
You should always try and find a shady spot in your yard to shoot and either have your subject’s side or back facing the sun.  When you use a flash it makes your subject pop!


3.Don’t pose with background things sticking out of their heads.

An unwanted side bun!PegRacitiPhotography_donpinthisPeg_Raciti_photograpy_senior_Portrait-8933pinthis

Much better!





























4. Move around…then shoot when your are perfectly still!




Don’t be afraid to move around your subject.  Just freeze when you take the photo so you don’t blur it.











You never know which angle will be your favorite!






































































































5.Have enough time so you don’t have to rush.


There can never be enough photos really. Make sure you can get full body, closeups, friends and the couple!  Estimate the time and then double it!






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