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Peg Raciti Photo Credit-Wander Truck Boston in North Shore Magazine May-June Issue

Ok a total brag, but the Wander Truck article and photos has been #2 most viewed on North Shore Magazine online.  There are extra photos in the online version and I am willing and able to to credit…for my credit.  Forget that the owner, Laura Sylvester, is a cutie, hard working visionary, or that Charlotte Roth words weave magic…did you see my photos?!


I cannot tell you how proud my son is of these truck photos.  He knows I am a photographer, but now I have arrived in his eyes!  I have seen more car magazines that I can even begin to tell you since that is his true love.  All these images somehow morphed into my brain.  Photograph a truck? I can do that… I am on it!  Front angle, side angle, portrait…so tough and yet somehow so girlie!

Loved shooting the interior and all the American made goods inside.  Such a winning combination.   Loved every second of it!

Did I tell you it is the #2 most viewed on North Shore Magazine Online?  🙂

Wishing Wandertruck as super successful wandering season!


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