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So I am very late getting the last of the Marblehead Senior photo shoot up on the blog. Forgive me? I almost feel like a saved the best for last. The outfits are absolutely modern but have a retro timeless feel. Can you say Camelot? Imagine a long New England summer, filled with parties and dates, laughter, times with friends.

This Kennedy-inspired Senior Photo was shot on location in Marblehead, MA. What is so great living and photographing in the Boston area is that there are so many locations to choose from. Ocean, cityscape, woods…these are all part of our everyday in New England. No two shoot are alike and over the course of the blog it is my aim to show you the many kinds of Senior Photo location we could collaborate together in and around Boston.

Perhaps an Atlantic sunset? Enjoy!
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0004.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0003.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0005.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0006.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0007.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0008.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0009.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0010.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0011.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0012.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0014.jpgpinthis
Peg Raciti Photograpy Senior Pictures Sunset_0013.jpgpinthis

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When I thought about the styling for this shoot, I wanted a classic. I wanted to have everyone immediately recognize my Seniors not just as Seniors, but as Massachusetts Seniors. So many of the styling around the country is regionally specific. I wouldn’t dream of putting cowboy boots on my Seniors, but I have the North Atlantic right at my doorstep. That was in inspiration. The color of the sea and sky, classic and natural. This portion of the styled shoot came together almost by accident. I hadn’t realized that I had picked out all white for everyone until the day of the shoot. The all white became a feature on its own. I contrasted it with the deep blues of the sea. Super classic, super New England, super Massachusetts, super North Shore, super Boston!


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If it is one thing that most Seniors agree upon is the love of the ocean. We are so lucky that Massachusetts had the quintessential oceans cape that everyone tries to recreate. Think preppy, think Hyannis, think of the family compound! This shoot recreates the magic of summers gone-by with a modern twist shot entirely on location in Marblehead, MA. We had to share the space with some die-hard Pokemon fans who happened to be on chase at the exact location! All the Seniors shown are from Reading, MA and are soon to be or are recent graduates. Senior styling by yours truly, Peg Raciti. The amazing makeup was created by artist Jackie Carpenito from Axel Color Studio.


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It rained…I mean really, really rained on the graduating Seniors at the Phillips Academy in Andover, MA.  However 200+ years of tradition was not going to damper (although it was damp!) the spirits of the class of 2016.  I photographed this graduation for a client, but in order to capture the true sights and sounds of the day, I had to take it further than an individual family.  Graduation is truly a coming-together of the village that participated in the lives of these young adults as they head out into the world.  Students, families and faculty all stare in the joy that is the Graduation Exercises.  These are some of the photos I created on this special Graduation day Phillips.

At first all was quiet, with the sea of white predicting the day of beautiful white dresses and stormy sky.


Anticipation and the excitement filled the air as the Seniors lined up for the procession…but first a little celebrating with friends.  This would be the last day as Seniors, the class of 2016 and students at the Phillips Academy.  Bittersweet for sure.



The procession begins and the pipes lead the way to the faculty who lead the class of 2016 through their journey.


Now for the graduating class of 2016!



A see of colorful umbrellas listen to the speeches of encouragement and goodbyes.Peg_Raciti_Seniors_Phillips_Academy-7pinthis

While everyone braves the rain.

A final ceremony of diplomas in the ending circle.Peg_Raciti_Seniors_Phillips_Academy-8pinthis

Class dismissed!  Congratulations wonderful graduates!Peg_Raciti_Seniors_Phillips_Academy-9pinthis

I loved this shoot….and learned why they include a rain cover for my camera!   Shooting Seniors is so much fun…they are full of possibilities shine this for all to see.  Thank you to all the graduates who shared their day with me even when I said, “One more” three times over.

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Ok a total brag, but the Wander Truck article and photos has been #2 most viewed on North Shore Magazine online.  There are extra photos in the online version and I am willing and able to to credit…for my credit.  Forget that the owner, Laura Sylvester, is a cutie, hard working visionary, or that Charlotte Roth words weave magic…did you see my photos?!


I cannot tell you how proud my son is of these truck photos.  He knows I am a photographer, but now I have arrived in his eyes!  I have seen more car magazines that I can even begin to tell you since that is his true love.  All these images somehow morphed into my brain.  Photograph a truck? I can do that… I am on it!  Front angle, side angle, portrait…so tough and yet somehow so girlie!

Loved shooting the interior and all the American made goods inside.  Such a winning combination.   Loved every second of it!

Did I tell you it is the #2 most viewed on North Shore Magazine Online?  🙂

Wishing Wandertruck as super successful wandering season!


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