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About Peg Raciti

About_Peg_Raciti_PhotographypinthisPeg Raciti Photography officially began business in 2010 but I have been shooting professionally since 2003.  Since childhood I have always wanted to be an artist and I began shooting in earnest with my wonderful Minolta 35mm camera at age 18.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications and a Masters Degree in Teaching.  I have continued on to study at School 33 in Baltimore, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and at the New England School of Photography.  In addition to my photography business, I am an adjunct faculty member at North Shore Community College teaching photography.

I am a boutique studio in every sense of the word.  I will take the time to give you amazing service, and beautiful images that will last a lifetime. I am a terrific photographer, but more importantly I am a terrific artist.  I constantly strive to be my best and incorporate new techniques and equipment into my “art box”.  I am a finder and lover of off-the-beaten path, a searcher of unique locations to make the the shoot absolutely yours and an avid “junker” to find the props that will bring a smile to your face…while I quickly take your picture!

In this day and age digital camera are a feature of everyone’s communication.  Point, click and instant selfie.  Fun, inexpensive, ever-present, but there are limits in both technology and skill.  You pay for my services and products for everything that I bring.  The high-end gear,  the years of study and practice,   the mastery of techniques.  That’s why in the end, my photos are more than a happy accident.  They are created long before the session through planning. They are created during the shoot by forging my relationship with you, the client.  They are completed through hours of editing to sync all the parts together.  In the end, you will receive something wonderfully unique and beautiful.  You will truly be getting what you pay for.

 Using my love of the image, my skills as a photographer, and my connection to my clients I will create a one of a kind work of art that you will treasure.